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Favorite character meme

↳ One characterAmy Santiago

I once arrested a 96-year-old for flashing. I was terrified he’d die in my backseat… or flash me.”

sharxs replied to your post: “excuse me friends what is the most popular ship in dmmd”:

aoba x koujaku? probably? i see a lot of aoba x clear and aoba x noiz too. it’s pretty well distributed………

ah ok thats cool good to know this


mundane - x | x | x | x

vulpinempress replied to your post: “vulpinempress replied to your post: “some mutuals you are so glad…”:

already unfollowed her lolol; hint: exlusively m/m and het artist

omg thats who i unfollowed as well they had already unfollowed me lolololol

excuse me friends what is the most popular ship in dmmd

東京喰種 - トーキョーグール-


Eric Underwood in Chroma


character development